Rocky Mountain Sunsets | My Passion Project

Sunsets. Rocky Mountains. Happiness.

Growing up in Colorado, I was lucky enough to live in many different communities around the state. I started out in a cute little mountain town right below Pikes Peak called Woodland Park and from there moved to the beautiful Western Slope and then into "the city" near Denver in middle and high school. I think I took Colorado for granted back then, I was young, what did I know?

After life happened and I was forced to move out of state, I was fortunate to live in many beautiful locations around the world... looking at you San Francisco, Hawaii, and Germany, but Colorado always felt like home. When I had the chance to say where I wanted to go again (thank you Army reenlistment) I chose to come back home. To say it's different now is an understatement and honestly, I have grown to dislike many aspects of it, but I am still in awe of it's natural beauty, and there is not much that can compare to a beautiful sunset in the Rocky Mountains.

This is where my passion project takes hold. After the boom in population that has made me, shall we say, less than enchanted with Colorado. Okay, full disclosure, I have suffered from depression for many years and the "boom" really led me deeper and deeper into the abyss. I needed something to bring back the spark, cue Instagram. There are so many talented photographers out there sharing images of Colorado that would make anyone dream of heading to Colorful Colorado. Yes, I know that's a contributor to the influx of people, and I hate that. But I need to acknowledge that social media is here to stay and I can either embrace it and use it for good or I can go back into the dark place in which I used to reside.

I choose to embrace it. I choose to try happiness. I choose sunsets. Sunsets are the one thing I can count on daily. The sun will set regardless of my mental state or what is going on in the world good or bad. Because I do live in beautiful Colorado with a mountain view from my back deck, I can watch the sun go down behind the Rockies whether I feel up to leaving the house or not. I can unwind underneath fiery skies and end each day on a positive note.

My passion project is to grow a community of sunset lovers online. To share images of amazing Rocky Mountain sunsets with people around the world to beautify their social media feeds and spread joy. I want to share the talent of photographers in my community or those just passing through. I want to remind people that there is beauty in every day.

I started @RockyMtnSunsets on Instagram awhile ago and with all the craziness that 2020 brought I neglected it. I am committing myself to taking more sunset photos because it makes me happy. I am committing to sharing more images on the feed from the talented people out there. I want to grow the community beyond Instagram and start a brand that will promote the connection between nature and mental well-being.

Please join us on Instagram. Follow the journey, share nature's beauty, and embrace happiness.